Moving Software Package Junior

The Junior Package is best suited for new and existing enterprises with a low-to-moderate level of activity Junior provides some basic sales and operation features, and can be upgraded whenever business demands require it.

Cost: $140 monthly
Online Demo

By clicking on the image, you will be able to experiment with a program demo. Use the following combination of username and password:

Network Username: demojr
Network Password: move

Login User: demo
Login Password: move

Click on the image to experience the program demo



1. Maintenance tables for fast and easy setup and personalization
2. Estimates created and managed
3. E-mail center for managing and archiving exchanges with customers
4. Reports
5. Customer management (keep track and easily access recurring customers details)
6. Dispatch operations calendar

See our Package Comparison Table for an in-depth analysis of the difference between the various software packages and Add-On services.
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