Package Comparison Table

Features Description Basic Junior Professional Advanced Supreme
Automatic Quotes Once setup is complete, the system automatically calculates moving quotes
Email Center Contact your customers without leaving the system
Sales, Follow Ups, and Booking The most powerful part in the system. High rate of booking jobs. Follow Ups provided as a report in Basic & Jr.
Online Estimates Connect your web site to the system. Customers can create estimates directly into the system
Operation Manage dispatch, payments, trucks scheduling, trip scheduling, deliveries, operation calendar, payrolls, job completion and claims     Partial
Storage Management Create Storage facilities. Monthly cycle for billing customers, SIT, ready for delivery.       *Add-On
Agents/Carriers Management Assign an Agent to a pick up or delivery, Agent billing, Agent loading board.     *Add-On *Add-On
Multi Companies Use one system for numerous moving companies     *Add-On *Add-On
Reports Monitor developments in your company as they occur. Create managerial reports for better decision-making   Partial Partial
Visual Estimator Create online estimates at the customer's site, which become immediately accessible to office personnel    
Unlimited Users and Multi-Locations Work from anywhere with no limitation of number users
Security Multi level operation, network security and system security, Firewall, and more.
Service No additional fee for routine Maintenance, Updates, and Hosting
Lead Purchasing Purchase leads via your moving software from various lead providers
Salesmen Performance A detailed chart of salesperson activity        
Future Operation Future jobs calendar, visible and accessible from any job        
Visual Estimator Schedule Future schedule calendar, visible and accessible from any job        
Full Value Protection Requirement New regulation. Applies for any interstate move.
Modules Cost: Monthly Leasing Program $99/mo $140/mo $175/mo $250/mo $400/mo*
Add-On Services - subject to software compatibility

Leads Grabbing: 1 email $25 Supports All Packages
Extended Leads Grabbing: 5 emails $50 Supports All Packages
Multi Department $25 Supports Professional, Advance, Supreme Packages
Agents Management $25 Supports Professional, Advance, Supreme Packages
Storage Management $25 Supports Advance, Supreme Packages
Custom Tariff and Accessorial Charges $50 Supports Professional, Advance, Supreme Packages
* The Supreme Package includes all of the above Add-On services. Custom Tariff and Accessorial Charges are available On-Demand and subject to the compatibility of your Moving Tariff.

Additional Features and Services:

Installation and Setup Fee* Setup company database   $175.00 (One time fee)
Credit Card Processing Charge your customers' credit cards through the system. Service and integration provided by Free
Customize Printed Estimate Customize your moving estimate template $150
Customize Your Software Special software modification Call to receive a proposal
* Setup Fee may apply for reactivation if results in unpaid balance.
Pay for a full year of service and receive a 15% discount
Call us for more information on pricing and plans at (305) 514 - 0620

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